Curriculum with a difference
Assessment and Evaluation
School timings
Curriculum with a difference  
Pre-school years are the formative years of a child. Learning and understanding of abstract concepts of number, time and space, it all begins here. We preserve the innate sense of curiosity in a child and work on enhancing their cognitive skills.
Core Areas of Learning
Encouraging development of physical & motor abilities through active outdoor and indoor play activities and games.
Building co-operation - children cooperate with each other
during play activities
Enhancing confidence and self-esteem
Promoting cognitive learning through games
Expressing emotions
Children learn social values through play activities and games
Fine Motor Development
To foster fine motor skills, eye and hand co-ordination, fine tune muscles of hand, wrist and fingers, we at Cheviot Kids inculcate various art, craft and painting activities, water and sand play, construction activities with blocks etc.
in our pre-school curriculum.
Catching them Young
Some cognitive abilities which are strengthened at our pre-school:
  Matching and identifying common relations
  Seriation, classification and grouping
Conservation and understanding cause and effect relationships   Concept of numbers and ability to count
The concept of time, reasoning and problem solving skills   One-to-one correspondence
Enhancing Language Skills
We work on the pre-reading and pre-writing skills through appropriate language activities.
Increase their vocabulary
Activities related to picture conversation, show and tell are undertaken to develop speaking skills
The World and Me
Here, children explore the environment through sensory experiences. We employ an activity-based method of teaching that allows the child to explore and discover:
Field Trips   Concepts Related To
organised by the school are based on concrete experiences by setting up discovery areas.   plants, animals, fruits,
vegetables, birds, people
and oneself.
Concepts About The
Physical Environment
  Concepts Related To
Culture And Society
water, air, weather, seasons, rain and clouds, day and night.   festivals, community helpers.
Music & Movement
Music is an integral part of our pre-school curriculum. Singing & dancing, together builds a sense of cooperation, harmony and comradeship.